byf ! i frequently talk about jisung, i prioritize him and i really get hyperactive talking about him, i am a very toxic person, swears a lot, really tone deaf, tells too much tmi + nsfw, uses a lot of hyperbole, selective follows only, mainly a bg stan, has difficulty putting thoughts into words, autistic; so i will yap about my hyperfixations, uses tone tags.i will also not sugarcoat things. if it is bad, it is shit, and i will call it out.i will be dry at first because i mention a lot of inside jokes, so please bear with me.triggers self-harm,
wounds, accidents, elevators, love confessions, swears in my native language, the phrase 'you know too much' (fuck you if you said this to me).

dni ! basic dni, irls except her <3, if you think fatphobia is a thing, pjsk/project diva fans, toxic gg stans, if you identify as rcta/ecta/trace (unless an adoptee), twitter sjws (get a life), -18/+30 (unless moots), wantis, if you use cishet/white as an insult, armys, toxic orbits, blinks, anti-lucas stans, stephanie soo/rotten mango fans, anti my ults, pretentious ppl (i can see right through your bs so stfu).p.s ! do not turn to me for trauma-dumping. it's ok to vent, but ask me first.i'm mentally challenged, so
please let me know if i said something hurtful/disrespectful.
i have boundaries and i will not interact with you if you do not respect them.

note ! i hold my faves accountable, and do not condone any illicit action on my behalf. i do not ship idols seriously.

loves ♡
nct jisung ♡, chenle, yuta, taeil, hendery, kun, sakuya
onlyoneof jisung, wookjin, kyubin.
stans !
txt hyuka, yeonjun, svt mingyu, s.coups, ateez yunho, seonghwa, oneus ravn, keonhee, exo baekhyun, kai, mont narachan, luminous steven, suil, ciipher hwi, hyunbin, twice jeongyeon, momo, rv irene, seulgi, trcng jisung, hakmin, skz han, bang chan wanna one jisung, blitzers sya, chris, cherry bullet chaerin, haeyoon, victon hanse, byungchan, vav ayno, lou, riize sungchan, shotaro, wonbin younite hyunseung, kyungmun. vanner hyesung, taehwan.
likes !
tbz, p1h, mx, mamamoo, nmixx, cravity, xdh, bz-boys, jwiiver, the rose, day6, omega x, e'last, onewe, winner, got7, sb16, enhypen.
writing. coding. aviation/planespotting. digital horror. classical music. mbti. vocaloid. tea. nugu groups. non-gacha rhythm games. inside jokes. making theories ^^
romance. overly sexual tiktok rap songs with shitty 404 beats. overly aesthetic things. movies and shows. gacha. singing (ew). use of too much slang. phones. tiktok/'short' content. you.

avanthi. ahniel. aishu. shelly. claire. walnut. shan. nikkie. sachi. risse. arielle. sree. liz. rin. jasper. cae. chloe. navya. hridya. mar. pink lasagna. ochios. cosmo. cherry. seongie. winnie. <33mira. zia. minnie. olivia. evv. miya. ponju. lexx. chai. paigie. angel. andrew. rey. afifa. noodles. jayreen. nawfa. tanny. cloudz. nim. mia. nay. berry. aster. sun. prowl. misty. leia. cai. sonya. sarah.

tysm for coming into my life besties <3

    mon seul raison d'être. ♡